Welcome to Room 6 2018

Welcome to Room 6 2018
Our first day of the school year!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Trip to Wai-iti River

We had a fantastic trip to the Wai-iti River this week.  We were looking at how healthy our river was as a part of our inquiry unit on pollution.
We tested the water by looking at the water clarity, what creatures were living in it and the flow of the water.  It was really interesting and we had fun finding out what actually is living in our water.
We found out it is really healthy because there were so many different creatures in there and that the water was very clear as we measured you could see at least 3 meters of clear water.
Thanks to our parents who helped us!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Current Events Guide dog puppies

Guide dog gives birth to 8 pups in airport

May 30, 2018
A US guide dog unexpectedly gave birth to eight puppies in the middle of the Tampa International Airport.
The dogs name was Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Rigby, a two-year-old yellow Labrador, and she delivered the pups with the help of Tampa Fire Rescue’s medical team.
Her owners knew she was pregnant, but did not realise how close she was to going into labour.
Ellie and father Nugget are now parents to seven males and one female pup.
An airport spokesperson said that Ellie and Nugget’s owners, a woman and her daughter, were set to board their flight to Philadelphia with the two service dogs when Ellie went into labour.
The family – and their eight new additions – missed their flight.

Retrieved from: https://kiwikidsnews.co.nz/guide-dog-gives-birth-to-8-pups-in-airport/
We think this is an amazing story and the puppies look so cute.  We wonder what would have happened if Ellie the dog had had the puppies on the plane.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bully Free Week

May 16, 2018
Bullying-Free New Zealand Week started on Monday.
The theme this year is ‘Let’s talk about it’ and the week provides a great opportunity for all members of your school community to talk about what bullying means to you.
Schools that encourage respect, value opinions, celebrate difference, and promote positive relationships make it difficult for bullying behaviour to thrive or be tolerated.
The week ends with the Mental Health Foundation’s Pink Shirt Day on Friday 18 May.
Already a record 1000 schools and 850 workplaces have signed up to take part.

New Zealand rated second-highest for school bullying out of 51 countries, and as many as one in five Kiwis are affected by bullying in the workplace.
Retrieved from https://kiwikidsnews.co.nz/bully-free-week/
This week is Bully Free Week in New Zealand.  We were shocked to read that NZ is the 2 highest rated country for bullying.  We didn't know it was Pink Shirt day tomorrow.  We think it should be bully free week every week. 

Thursday, May 03, 2018

White Kiwi misses birthday due to infection

Manukura usually lives at the Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Centre but this week she missed her birthday because she had an infection in her beak.  They will celebrate her birthday by giving out cake and white balloons at the centre.  She is turning 7 and when she get better she will be getting together with a new mate called Frickleton.

Info retrieved from https://kiwikidsnews.co.nz/white-kiwi-misses-birthday-due-to-infection/

Thursday, April 12, 2018

We were in the news!!

Richie McCaw Visit


Two days ago we were in news and on the Breakfast TV show.  We won a competition for Richie McCaw to come and deliver Fonterra milk to our school.  He arrived on our school back field in a navy blue helicopter.  The senior children performed the Haka.  He high-fived all the kids.  Richie played 4 games with us.  We had breakfast in the library.  Mr Baldwin, our principal, was really excited that Richie was here. 

"I felt excited and proud to go to this school" By Coby
"I felt nervous because all the cameras and police and fire engines were here" By Lockie
"I felt lucky that out of all the schools Brightwater won, but I was also nervous because I had to interview him in front of the whole entire school" By Mae
"I felt excited meeting Richie" By Willa
"I learnt that if you dream about something, you can follow your dreams and achieve it" By Ryder

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Message in a bottle

Current events - retold by Room 6

Message in a bottle travels to Spain

8 years ago a boy at aged 7 launched a bottle with a message in it from Whangārei Harbour in the North Island.  Last month a lady found it on the coast of Spain.  She read it and made contact with the boys family.  They had forgotten that they had launched the bottle.  They were happy to hear from the German lady and they were surprised that it had gotten out of the Whangārei Harbour.  The bottle was relaunched again.  We wonder where the bottle will turn up next.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Richie come visit us in Room 6!

Dear Richie
We are counting on you to come to Brightwater school because we all love our Fonterra Anchor milk and we think you are pretty cool to.You might like to know we have a Anchor factory right here in Brightwater!!!
We really want you to come to Brightwater School.   Room 6 are excellent at making Anchor Milkshakes and we would be delighted to have you visit us and enjoy them with us.
We are all keen rippa rugby kids here and we would like to challenge you in a game.  You are a great role model to us and we all want to be great sports players like you.
We have a big field out the back where we play lots of different sports and we think it is the perfect place for you to land your helicopter and meet us all.
Please come to visit us!

From Room 6

Richie enjoying our milk shakes!                              Watch out Richie we are good at Rippa!!!