Welcome to Room 6 2017

Welcome to Room 6 2017
Our first day of the school year!

Monday, June 26, 2017

winter solstice

Winter Solstice – Shortest Day

June 21, 2017
Today is the shortest day of the year for the Southern Hemisphere, otherwise known as Winter Solstice.
Winter Solstice is scheduled to occur at 4.24pm today, when the sun’s position in the sky reaches its farthest point north of the Equator. It means today will have the least amount of daylight of any day for the year.
In Auckland, this equates to just nine hours, 37 minutes and 58 seconds, and in Invercargill, just eight hours, 35 minutes and 5 seconds worth of daylight.
Starting tomorrow, the days in the Southern Hemisphere will start to get longer and the moon larger, as the South Pole begins to tilt towards the sun.
During the Winter Solstice, there is no sunlight at all south of the Antarctic Circle – they have 24 hours of darkness. However, if you want to experience a day with no sunset will have to head to the Arctic Circle where the sun will remain overhead for a full 24 hours!
In the Northern Hemisphere today’s summer solstice is extra special as it coincides with a full moon. This is the first time since 1948. This won’t happen again until 2062!

the difference between the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere is
it the northern hemisphere is it summer and it is warm.
The equator  is the line in the middle of the northern and southern hemisphere
They are picking their strawberries.  We are just beginning to plant our veges and fruit trees
The farmers said it has not been a strawberry for nearly 70 years
It is the opposite to the southern hemisphere
In the northern hemisphere it is the summer solstice and in the southern hemisphere it is the winter solstice
The Indian tribes know it is the time to start picking their veges and fruit when it is the summer solstice.
In the southern hemisphere it is dark.
At antarctica it is dark all day at the moment and at the arctic circle it is sunny all day at the moment.
It will be hard to tell if it is day because it is dark.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Current events :Antarctica

118-year old painting discovered in Antarctic hut

June 15, 2017
An “almost perfectly preserved” watercolour painting has been discovered in an historic hut in Antarctica, dating back more than 118 years.
The painting, dated 1889, is of a ‘Tree Creeper’ bird. It was painted by scientist Dr Edward Wilson who died alongside Captain Robert Falcon Scott and three others on their return from the South Pole in 1912.
It was found at Cape Adare and was originally discovered in September last year among dust, mould and penguin excrement.
The find was kept confidential until now to allow the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust to preserve more than 1500 other artefacts.
The Antarctic conditions were the perfect way to preserve the painting.
Water colour paintings are particularly susceptible to light so the fact this work has spent more than a hundred years tightly packed between other sheets of paper in completely dark and cold conditions is an ideal way to store it.
Trust general manager Francesca Eathorne says it is a poignant reminder of the legacy the early explorers left behind.
1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
NZ Antarctic Heritage Trust, scientist Dr Edward Wilson.

2. What was the key event from the news article?
A water coloured painting,over 118 years old, of a ‘Tree Creeper’ bird has been found preserved in Antarctica.   It was painted by scientist Dr Edward Wilson.

3. Where did this event take place?
Cape Adare, Antarctica.

4. When did this event take place?
June 15 2017
I think
I think
I think some of the people could have got stuck in the snow and trapped and thats how they died

I wonder how deep the snow is?
I wonder what sort of clothing they wore?
How did they brush their teeth?
I wonder how many people could fit in the hut?
I wonder if the people were attacked by wild animals like the fox
I wonder how long the hut would be preserved for
I wonder if they use ice for insulation?
I wonder if there are any other structures that that have been preserved?
I wonder how the explorers actually did die?
I wonder if they had any insulation in the hut?

I wonder what the temperature was of Adare Hut

I wonder how many other paintings Dr Wilson actually painted?




Friday, June 09, 2017

Pupu Springs

Golden Bay springs gets water protection order

June 7, 2017
Te Waikoropupu Springs are located in Golden Bay, near Nelson. They are a hot spot for tourists, and are thought to be some of the cleanest and clearest water in New Zealand.
The Springs will have the highest possible protection for a water body – a Water Conservation Order (WCO).
The Government says WCOs are the equivalent of National Park status for a water body.
There are currently 15 WCOs in New Zealand – 13 rivers and two lakes. This is the first application for a springs.
It’s a long time coming for local iwi Ngati Tama, who have been fighting to get protection for the pristine water system, and consider the springs wahi tapu, a sacred place.
Environment Minister, Nick Smith said “These springs are part of what gives Golden Bay, Nelson and New Zealand a strong environmental reputation, and we must ensure they are protected for future generations.”

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?
tourists,  conservation department, local iwi Ngati Tama

2. What was the key event from the news article?
Te Waikoropupu Springs are going to get the highest possible protection to protect the springs as it is considered a sacred place by the local iwi Ngati Tama.

3. Where did this event take place?
Te Waikoropupu Springs are located in Golden Bay, near Nelson

4. When did this event take place?
7 June 2017

I think there would be heaps of different types of fish in the water.
I think they should put a gate around it to protect it at night
I wonder if you are allowed to drink the water
I think they should have a zapping gate that would zap you if you had something you werent allowed to have 
I wonder how it is so clear
I wonder what special creatures are living under the springs
I wonder how many people visit there each year
I wonder how long the springs have existed for?  where they created by a earthquake?
I wonder why they protected the springs
I wonder how many different creatures live in the springs
I wonder what temperature the springs are?
I wonder how the water is coming up from under the ground?
I wonder why we cant swim in the clear water?
I wonder how big the springs are?
I wonder how old the springs are?
I wonder what sort of animals live near it
I wonder if the weeds are prickly
I wonder what different kinds of weed live in the clear water?
I think they have security cameras in the spring area to keep an eye on it when people aren't there

My glossary

conservation the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss; preservation:

sacred  something related to religion or something treated with great respect.

environment All the physical surroundings on Earth are called the environment

Friday, June 02, 2017

current events vegemite!!!

Kraft leaving NZ and Australia

May 31, 2017
Kraft is a brand that has graced the shelves of New Zealand and Australian grocery stores for more than 90 years. Most of our homes include one or more of their products.
Yet, despite it being one of the world’s biggest brands – worth $NZ12.8billion globally – by the end of the year it will have disappeared from Australia and New Zealand altogether.
The brand arrived in Australia in 1926, and the name “Kraft” has adorned everything from Mac & Cheese to Vegemite.
The products will still remain, but they will be re-branded. A branding expert says changing brands is fraught with difficulty and could lead consumers to think they are buying look-a-like private label products.
“The Kraft name symbolises familiarity. When shoppers go to the chiller it has that recognition,” said University of Adelaide marketing expert Dr Dean Wilkie.
Who Australia and NZ consumers
Where Australia and NZ
When 31 May
Why they are going to rebrand it and give it a new name 
What happened  The Kraft product Vegemite will disappear from our shelves and we wont recognise it as the same product because they are going to rebrand it and make it look different.

Our opinion:
I think our family might not even buy it if it has been re-branded because we wont know what one to get.
I think they should keep the colour the same but change the brand name
I think they should leave it the way it is
I think they should keep it the same colour so we can find it on the shelf
I think you could ask at the counter if you cant find the new vegemite
I think the name could be different on the new vegemite
I think people might buy up heaps of vegemite before it changes
I think they shouldnt change the brand and name because people wont be able to find it so wont buy it
I think they should advertise the new brand and container on TV so we can see what it looks like so we can find it on the shelf
I think they will loose money because they are changing the brand and people wont buy it as much

I wonder how many people will buy it if it changes colour and names
I wonder what the new brand name will be called
I wonder what the new colour will be
I wonder if the new vegemite will taste different.
I wonder why they are going to sell the company if it is making so much money
I wonder why they are going to rebrand it
I wonder how many people will buy it if it is different
I wonder what else they will change in the company of its products with the rebranding
I wonder if people will notice the different taste if it has been rebranded
I wonder what the company will do with all their money after they have sold the company
I wonder if they will do taste testing in the supermarket to promote the new branding

Glossary:  A glossary is where you go to get the meaning of words and sometimes how to pronounce words
Consumer a person or thing that eats or uses something.
Rebrand a marketing strategy in which a new name is given to something
Search the title and see if you can read about it on another news site.

learning about insulation

We have been learning about insulation.  We learnt that blubber or fat keeps animals warm, especially animals that live in the sea.  Some whales have blubber that is over 30 cm thick!  Some animals have two layers of fur that keep them warm in the winter like the moose.
We did an experiment that showed that fat keeps us warm.  We used fat and put it on one hand and kept the other hand free.  We put both hands into icy cold water.  The had with the fat on was heaps warmer than the hand without the fat on it.
Fat is an insulator.

Check out our photos!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Current Events Week 6-Oamaru Penguins

Oamaru builds tunnel to help penguins

November 24, 2016
Oamaru has built a 25 metre tunnel to help their local penguins pass the busy road between the sea and their nests.
Penguins in the town are rare ‘blue’ penguins, the smallest kind in the world, and are an endangered species.
Before the underpass, the birds crossed the road protected only by a “penguin crossing” sign.
The underpass was started in September this year, and was opener earlier this month.
Oamaru’s blue penguin colony is one of the few populations in the world that is actually growing.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?

2. What was the key event from the news article?

3. Where did this event take place?

4. When did this event take place?
My opinion-
I think
I think
I think
I wonder

Thursday, May 25, 2017

current events week 5 turtle recovery at Kelly Tarlton

Turtle washes up on 90 mile beach

May 23, 2017
A critically endangered hawksbill turtle is being nursed back to health after being found washed up on Northland’s 90 Mile Beach earlier this month.
It was exhausted, dehydrated, not eating and missing a flipper. While the cause of the amputated flipper was not known, it appeared to be an older wound that had healed well.
Auckland Zoo provided initial urgent medical attention before the turtle was taken to the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life rehabilitation centre.
Auckland Zoo resident vet Lydia Uddstrom said the turtle had eaten at least one piece of plastic, and it was unclear how much more it might have inside it.
Plastic was an ongoing concern for marine animals, she said.
“We’re getting more and more plastic out there and we’re going to be getting more and more effects from it, and from animals that shouldn’t be eating it, eating it.”
The turtle was showing encouraging signs of improvement after its check-up today.
Once the turtle’s strength had improved, it would be moved to a larger oceanarium to exercise and go about its natural behaviour with the goal of releasing it back into the wild.
Yesterday was World Turtle Day, which aims to increase attention and public support for their survival.

Who: Hawksbill turtle  Lydia Uddstrom vet at Auckland Zoo

Where: Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life rehabilitation centre.  Auckland Zoo  90 Mile Beech

When: 23 May

Why:  injured turtle that needed help

What happened:  the injured hawksbill turtle that was washed up on 90 beach had a flipper missing and was dehydrated, exhausted and hadnt eaten.

My opinion:
I think they should make a oceanarium for the turtle
I think it is sad that the turtle was dehydrated and has lost a flipper
I think the turtle would get sick from eating plastic 
I wonder how long it will take for the turtles wound to heal
I wonder how much plastic the turtle had eaten

I wonder how long it will take for the turtle to be returned to the wild

I wonder how many turtles have been injured from the nets

I wonder why the turtle got thirsty and hungry

I wonder if the turtle will get better and be able to be returned to the wild

I wonder how the turtle lost its flipper

I wonder how many turtles have died from eating all the rubbish left in the sea

I wonder how long it will be at  Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life rehabilitation centre
I think the nets ripped the flipper off

I wonder how may people care about the turtle because it is World Turtle Day
I wonder how old the turtle was injured

I wonder how many turtles have been caught in nets and have died
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