Welcome to Room 6 2018

Welcome to Room 6 2018
Our first day of the school year!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Headless chicken-like sea monster discovered

Headless chicken-like sea monster discovered

October 30, 2018
A deep-sea swimming sea cucumber has been filmed in the Southern Ocean off East Antarctica for the first time.
Its real name is Enypniastes eximia, but it is more commonly known as the “headless chicken sea monster”, as that is exactly what it looks like!
The creature had previously only been filmed in the Gulf of Mexico.
This remarkable little creature spends most of its time buoying along the seafloor and using its “modified tube-feet” to feed on surface sediments. They can swim if they want to, and use fin-like structures to escape predators or lift off the ocean floor.
Sea cucumbers, such as this one, are an important part of the marine ecosystem — they’re sometimes referred to as the vacuum cleaners of the sea.

What headless chicken sea monster
Where Mexico
When October 30
Why it was discovered in the southern ocean off east Antarctica

What happened:

A 'headless chicken sea monster" was discovered in the southern ocean off east Antarctica. It got its name because thats what it looks like. It feeds off the sea floor and is known for being a vacuum cleaner. 

My opinion: 
I think it lives in a deep part of the sea.
I think that it looks really cool and weird.

I wonder what it would look like out of the water.
I wonder how many there are in the sea.

By Zhion 

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Close Indonesian plane crash

Indonesian plane crash

October 29, 2018
A Lion Air Boeing 737 passenger plane with 188 people on board has crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.
It lost contact with ground control a few minutes after take-off, and is believed to have ended up underwater. It is unclear if there are survivors.
The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX 8, a brand new type of aircraft.
It was only meant to be a short flight of one hour between Jarkata and Pangkal Pinang. But 13 minutes into the flight authorities lost contact with the plane.
Search and rescue teams are scouring the sea where the plane is thought to have crashed. Items believed to belong to passengers have been found in the water, including ID cards and driver’s licences.

Who passengers

Where  capital of India, Jakarta, Indonesia

When published 29 October

Why it crashed into the sea not long after take off

What happened: a brand new type of aircraft, a Boeing 737 has crashed and rescue teams are   searching the sea looking for survivors.  Passenger items have floated to the surface. 188 passengers were on board the plane. There were no survivors.

My opinion:
I think they should have turned around instantly and gone back to the airport.
I think more thorough testing should have been done before it took off.
I wonder how the families will cope loosing someone from their family and maybe not being able to recover the body.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

NASA finds ‘perfect iceberg’

NASA finds ‘perfect iceberg’

October 22, 2018

NASA has found an almost perfect iceberg.
They confused a lot of people when they posted the image on social media.
Several people suggested the iceberg was man-made, while others believed it could have been created by aliens.
However, it turns out that some icebergs are just made like that.
There are two types of icebergs. Firstly, we get the type that everyone can envision in their head, they look like prisms or triangles at the surface and you know they have a crazy subsurface.
Secondly, you have what are called ‘tabular icebergs’. Tabular icebergs form long, flat and straight and break off at the end.
This new iceberg is more than 1.6km across. It’s too big to flip over, but it could certainly crack up and disintegrate at any moment.
Where Antarctica
When posted October 22
Why it is just naturally formed like this

What happened:  NASA found an almost perfect iceberg.  It is shaped like a long flat piece of bread.  There are two types of icebergs, that are either prism or triangular shaped.  The second type is called 'tabular' which is long and flat and straight.  They break off at the end.  This one is 1.6 km across.

My opinion:

I think
I wonder

Monday, October 15, 2018

current events week one Term 4 Part of Australian beach vanishes

Part of Australian beach vanishes

September 27, 2018
A large section of an Australian beach has fallen suddenly into the ocean due to erosion.
The landslip, of around 300m wide, took place at Inskip Point in Queensland on Sunday.
It is the third incident of its kind in the area in recent years. In 2015, one swallowed a caravan, tents and a car.
Officials said no campers or property had been affected by the latest event. They urged people to avoid the area.

Where: Inskip Point Queensland Australia
When: Sunday
Why: there was a sinkhole and the sea has eroded into the land
What happened:  A large piece of land has slipped into the ocean at a popular camping site at an Australian beach.  It is the third one at the beach.  One swallowed a caravan, car and tents and generators.  It is now not a safe site for people to camp.

Our opinion:
I think they would be sad because they lost so many things.
I think they would be terrified because they wouldnt have seen a sink hole that deep before.
I think they would be worried about what would happen to their vehicles.
I think they would be scared that they wouldn't be able to get home if their vehicle went into the sinkhole.
I think they are lucky and relieved that they didn't end up in the sinkhole and drown.
I think they should close the campsite so they can check it is safe for campers.

I wonder if anyone died?
I wonder how the sinkhole got there?
I wonder if they had personal details in their car that fell into the sinkhole?
I wonder if there was a sea cave under the water that collapsed?
I wonder how did the rain make it super soft for the sink hole to happen?
I wonder how they got home?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

WOW show

We had such fun making our costumes for our syndicate WOW show.  The groups worked collaboratively using recyclable materials to create a costume.  Designs varied and great names were created for each costume.  Thanks to our wonderful models!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Trip to Wai-iti River

We had a fantastic trip to the Wai-iti River this week.  We were looking at how healthy our river was as a part of our inquiry unit on pollution.
We tested the water by looking at the water clarity, what creatures were living in it and the flow of the water.  It was really interesting and we had fun finding out what actually is living in our water.
We found out it is really healthy because there were so many different creatures in there and that the water was very clear as we measured you could see at least 3 meters of clear water.
Thanks to our parents who helped us!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Current Events Guide dog puppies

Guide dog gives birth to 8 pups in airport

May 30, 2018
A US guide dog unexpectedly gave birth to eight puppies in the middle of the Tampa International Airport.
The dogs name was Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Rigby, a two-year-old yellow Labrador, and she delivered the pups with the help of Tampa Fire Rescue’s medical team.
Her owners knew she was pregnant, but did not realise how close she was to going into labour.
Ellie and father Nugget are now parents to seven males and one female pup.
An airport spokesperson said that Ellie and Nugget’s owners, a woman and her daughter, were set to board their flight to Philadelphia with the two service dogs when Ellie went into labour.
The family – and their eight new additions – missed their flight.

Retrieved from: https://kiwikidsnews.co.nz/guide-dog-gives-birth-to-8-pups-in-airport/
We think this is an amazing story and the puppies look so cute.  We wonder what would have happened if Ellie the dog had had the puppies on the plane.