Welcome to Room 6 2017

Welcome to Room 6 2017
Our first day of the school year!

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Stopping Distances

Mrs Horncastle was in the car.  She got a fright when the car stopped suddenly.
It was wet and the car skidded a lot.
This was 20 km.  This is the speed a car needs to go when it passes a bus.  It did manage to stop in time before it got close to a person.

This speed was 50km.  It is the legal speed limit.  The car slammed on the brakes just in time.

This is the fast speed of 60 km.  At this speed a car cannot stop in time and would hit someone crossing the road.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Current Events Week 10 - Opening of the Trafalgar Centre

Family day to mark official opening of Nelson's Trafalgar Centre video

Trafalgar Centre up-grade
Richard Kirby Nelson City Council Project Manager at the new Northern Building of the Trafalgar Centre.
Following a $16.6m upgrade, the Trafalgar Centre's is ready for its official opening.
On Saturday, the centre will play host to a day of bouncy castles, face painting, and live music, as families are invited to come and explore the new facility.

Richard Kirby Nelson City Council Project Manager at the newly refurbished Trafalgar Centre, which will have its ribbon ...
Richard Kirby Nelson City Council Project Manager at the newly refurbished Trafalgar Centre, which will have its ribbon cutting celebration this Saturday.
"It is wonderful to have the Trafalgar Centre fully open once more. We have a stronger, safer venue and that has been brought up to date and is significantly more functional and appealing for events of all sizes," Reese said.
The centre seats up to 2900 people, has a refurbished kitchen, and new cedar panelling in the northern extension. 
The family day runs from 2pm until 7pm, and a screening of Disney's Finding Dory will be shown on the centre's big screen at 5:30pm.
Ad Feedback
The musical line up for Saturday includes the Nelson Brass Band, Nelson Pipe Band, Te Pouahi Kapa Haka Group from Nelson Central School and the Plinkers Ukelele Orchestra.
The Nelson Giants have already played a number of games in the new facility, while the Northern Building has been used for a building industry meeting, an awards ceremony for a local car dealership, and a Business After 5 event for the Chamber of Commerce.
The main auditorium will be used by Dave Dobbyn in April, Dr Hook in May, and Tommy Emmanuel in September.

Who: Nelson City Council
Where: Trafalgar Centre
Why: upgrade to strengthen the building and to make it earthquake proof 
What happened:The Trafalgar Centre strengthening has been finished and it is now safe in case of earthquakes.  It cost $16.6 million.  It can now be used for a lot more different purposes. The main centre can now seat 2900 people.  The Giants have already played and will be at the opening on Saturday.  The opening will be from 2-7pm.  There will be bouncy castles, face painting and live music.   People can walk around and look at the changes.

I think it looks amazing do they dont need to do anything else to make it look special.

I think lots of Nelson people will be able to fit in it now.

 I think you will need a ticket to go in there to go to a show or to watch the Giants play.

I think a big crowd would have been at the opening on Sunday.

I wonder how loud it is when the Giants play.

I think it cost a lot of money to build the centre and make it safe.

I wonder how many people could fit in it?

I wonder how long it took to make it safe?

How many people were employed to fix it?

Because it is indoors it wont matter if it rains when they have concerts.

I wonder if they use tickets or money to pay to get in to the centre.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

current events week 10

Dinosaurs came from UK

March 29, 2017
For a century scientists thought dinosaurs originated from South America some 220 million years ago.
However, a latest research has made an important discovery which could rock the dinosaur world.
A team of experts believe the dinosaurs originated in the Northern Hemisphere in an area now known as Britain.
They suggest that what we know about the evolution of dinosaurs, and where they first came from, might be wrong.
By looking at fossils they think that some of the first dinosaurs might have been around nearly 15 million years earlier that we thought.
The reassessment shows that the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor have been wrongly placed.
Taking a deeper look at fossils, evidence suggests theropods like the T Rex should be moved to an entirely new branch that has northern origins.
To try and put it in simple terms: Dinosaurs are split into two groups. One group has bird-like hips and is called Ornithischia; and the other has reptile-like hips called Saurischia.
Theropods, which include the T Rex, were considered an offshoot from the Saurischia. But the new study has now moved them to the Ornithischia.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?

2. What was the key event from the news article?
Scientists think dinosaurs came from the UK not from South America.  Research shows that dinosaurs are split into two groups.  One group has bird-like hips and one group has reptile-like hips.

3. Where did this event take place?
Research centres learning about dinosaurs through looking at fossils
4. When did this event take place?
29 March 2017

My opinion
I think it would have been scary having the T Rex running after you.
I think there are lots of types of dinosaurs.
I think dinosaurs might have come from different places in the world, maybe different places in the northern hemisphere.
I think that the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor need to be changed into the right group.
I think Tyrannosaurus Rex are good hunters.
I think that there are possibly different types of dinosaurs that are out there that researchers havent discovered yet.
It would be very scary if some of those dinosaurs were still real.
Maybe it is not just the tuatara that is still alive from the dinosaur times.

I wonder
I wonder what other animals or reptiles were around when the dinosaurs were around.
I wonder if they have got other things wrong that they might have to change their minds again after looking more closely at their research.
I wonder if the dinosaurs would have eaten humans if they were alive at the same time.
I wonder what the dinosaur skin was like back then that allowed them to survive 35 million years ago
I wonder if there were other dinosaurs alive like Tyrannosaurus Rex.
I wonder if dinosaurs will come back to our world.
I wonder  how heave the Tyrannosaurus Rex was.
I wonder how long they lived for.
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Friday, March 24, 2017


Antarctica coming to Auckland

March 24, 2017
Antarctica is coming to Auckland!
Over the weekend the walls of the Auckland museum in the Domain will turn into icebergs.
Visual artist Joseph Michael’s work ‘Antarctica – While You Were Sleeping’ will premiere on Friday and will be repeated the next two nights.
The 360-degree projection on to the museum walls will be accompanied by composer Rhian Sheehan’s score, which includes the crack, creak and groan of icebergs calving off.
The show will run on a 45-minute loop from 8:30pm until 11pm.
Michael led a team of eight film-makers and photographers on a trip to Antarctica to gather photos and audio of icebergs.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?

2. What was the key event from the news article?

3. Where did this event take place?

4. When did this event take place?




Friday, March 17, 2017

current events week 7

Kaka population increases
March 8, 2017
South Island kākā have made an extraordinary comeback in a Fiordland forest following a pest eradication project.
In the mid 2000s the kākā population in Waitutu Forest was being ravaged by stoats and possums. Population surveys showed that males outnumbered females by an average of six to one.
However, a population sample taken in December last year shows a turn-around in the parrot’s fortunes with female kākā rebounding and young birds on the rise again.
Pest control in the Fiordland National Park, has included localised trapping and poisoning for stoats and possums. Planes have also applied 1080 over up to 30,000 hectares when pest numbers have been high due to forest seeding.
Annual bird counts at over 700 points in the forest also show an increase in other forest birds such as robin and kākāriki.
The pest control programme was supported by the Waitutu SILNA and the Nature Heritage Fund, which contributed $1.7 million for pest control.

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article?

South Island kaka and the DOC workers (pest control people)
2. What was the key event from the news article?

The pest control is working and the number of kaka are increasing. 1080 poison has killed the possums and stoats and rats.

3. Where did this event take place?

Fiordland National Park Waitutu Forest
4. When did this event take place?

In December they took a population sample to check how many birds there were.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Collaborative writing - found poems

We had fun today creating our own Found Poems.  We used a page out of the story The Worlds Worst Children - Grubby Gertrude.   It was very funny and our poems sounded great with the interesting words we chose.  Lots of fun learning without even realising it!
Watch this space.... We will have the finished work for you to view and enjoy!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Metaphor Poems - check out our fun poems we have created!

Alexia is a shiny speedy red swift, zooming around the playground.

Alexia is a gleaming rainbow coloured T’shirt.

Alexia is a sky scraper standing high up in the sky.

Alexia is a library with children playing computer games and having fun together.

Alexia is a sweet apply on a stick with a cherry on the top.

Kamryn is a truffle with golden syrup on top.

Kamryn is a dunga golden car good for going
 camping in the mountain in.

Kamryn is a golden spotted T’shirt with  black outlines.

Kamryn is a two storied green and white house.

Kamryn is a water wheel full of water.

Emerson is a green piece of broccoli boiled in a pot.

Emerson is a red tomato sizzling in the pot.

Emerson is a red T’shirt, black shorts and sporty shoes.

Emerson is a sky scraper on a lean that is ready to fall.

Emerson is the rugby grounds with people running for the Wanderers Rugby Club.

Cooper is a shiny chicken leg roasting in the oven.

Cooper is an earth digger that drills in the ground for days.

Cooper is an underground bunker made out of titanium to protect people from Zombies.

Cooper is the dam we go swimming in, the deep and clean dam.

Cooper is wearing camo gear shoes that grip on to mountains and trees.

Lucas is chopped up nuts with chocolate icing on top of a chocolate cake.

Lucas is a bright shining street stock racing around a bike track.

Lucas is wearing a top with motor bikes shining on the front.

Lucas is a bright shining pyramid that glows in the sun.

Lucas is Brightwater Fish and Chip shop frying chips in the pan.

Stevie is an apple cake with apple crumbs on the top with whipped cream.

Stevie is a chervrolet old fashioned red truck with flames on it.

Stevie is a golden love-heart on a black shiny dress.

Stevie is a chocolate factory made of sparkly chocolate that melts in the rain.

Stevie is Headquarters, ready for people to meet up and to play.

Ben is a mountain sized fudge cake with chocolate sprinkles all over and vanilla icing on top.

Ben is a destroyed off roader zooming up mountains and hills.

Ben is a pair of Adidas shorts ready to win the cross country.

Ben s the huge Eiffel tower full of hundreds and thousands of muscles keeping him awake.

Zoe is a piece of carrot cake with lemon icing.

Zoe is a brand new shiny campervan that travels from here to there and everywhere!

Zoe is a black comfy tight leotard with sparkly shorts.

Zoe is a bach with little space but really snuggly.

Zoe is a library with 100 books for people to read.

Libby is a rich chocolate cake covered in gleaming vanilla icing.

I am a four seater swift glimmering in the reflecting red hot sun at the beach.

Libby is a shimmering T’shirt lying in the red lava sun.

Libby is a pointed castle made of gummy bears with a red flag on the top, sitting on grass surrounded by a moat.

Libby is a memorial where some kids play around all day long.

Brooke is a hot and spicy chicken kebab sizzling on the bbq.

Brooke is a flashy bmx that shines in the sun when the sun hits it.

Brooke is a fluffy snuggly jacket with fur on the top.

Brooke is a police station full with policemen in the police station ready to help.

Brooke is the library full of books that kids enjoy reading.

Brooke is the library desk in the hot, hot sun.

Andrei is a piece of fudge covered with m and m’s and icing which` is very tasty.

Andrei is a dirty old valiant with dirty red seats.

Andrei is a fluffy jacket with golden spots.

Andrei is a dirty motorbike shop with cool motorbikes.

Andrei is a bike track with people skidding on it.

Monique is a moist banana cupcake splurted in golden syrup and rainbow sprinkles on top.

Monique is a bright colourful scooter with red striped handles and brakes.

Monique is a leather top with sparkly polka dots.

Monique is a comfy two-story café with lots of food to eat.

Monique is fresh salty, hot fish and chips, wrapped in brown paper.

Ella is a vanilla gluten-free cake with butter cream icing.

Ella is a racing hot rod with golden wheels.

Ella is a swimming suit with sparkly white sequins on it.

Ella is a private sky tower with lots of trees to climb.

Ella is a café – HQ full of amazing secrets that no one knows.

Aurora is a rainbow glow in the dark jumper, serving the ball to the other team.

Aurora is a crunchy oily piece of KFC chicken, sizzling on a golden plate, smothered in bbq sauce.

Aurora is a private jet, zooming over a never seen befoe island, disappearing in the sunset.

Aurora is a four story disco ballroom full of party food and excited people having a good time.

Aurora is the water wheel, spinning around and around on the metal bar, watching the happy people.

Max is pork ribs sizzling on the barbecue, with spicy barbecue sauce melting onto the barbecue, making the flames bigger and bigger.

Max is a bright orange hot wheels mustang, lying in the sun, hot and boiling, zooming across the road, back and forward waking everyone up.

Max is a flaming hot pair of rugby boots, getting ready for the game, going to smoke the other team.

Max is a pyramid with a pointy top, sharper than a knife.

Max is a fish and chip shop, fill of hungry people waiting for their food.

Oliver is a moist chocolate cake with vanilla icing and sprinkles on top.

Oliver is a hot wheels car that changes colour from blue to red.

Oliver is a silky green soccer shirt that is shining on the field.

Oliver is a  beautiful, colourful Eiffel tower that reaches up to the sky.

Oliver is the cycle track with lots of people zooming and racing around.

Harrison is a sizzling hot pot of golden fries with ketchup on the side.

Harrison is a bright green and loud Kawasaki with colourful and cool stickers on the strong frame.

Harrison is a woollen jacket with a shiny zip.

Harrison is a shiny diamond dirt bike with strong beams to hold him up.

Harrison is the school cycle track, with the bike shed and people zooming on their bikes.
Ruby is salmon flavoured sushi, dipped in sweet soy sauce.

Ruby is an off roader, with rough wheels and shiny colours.

Ruby is a glimmering pair of sporty shoes.

Ruby is a two storied motel with apple trees below her.

Ruby is Headquarters Café with lots of scones to eat.

Tom is screaming war jeep, jumping over the rocks on the field.

Tom is an orange sparkly shiny and scorching hot Lamborghini.

Tom is an orange ice suit with stalactites attached on my outfit with electrical super power punching gloves.

Tom is a temple under ground made of pillows and on the surface there is a big sculpture of shiny blue motorbike.

Tom is HQ where people have time with friends.

Lydia is a sweet slice of lemon cake with nice rich chocolate on top.

Lydia is a big black shiny Toyota with rough wheels to go really fast on the old cool black road.

Lydia is a skinny skirt with black stripes on top.

Lydia’s a big castle with big bright red roses decorated on it.

Lydia is a big library with quiet people reading cheerfully.

Alex is a race-car being revved ready to zoom across stones that they flick up.

Alex is a pair of red and black red bands great for muddy places .

Alex is a gummy bear factory with people who want to nibble.

Alex is a rugby field with players of the day scoring tries and doing great tackles.

Alex is a yummy rainbow cake with M and Ms on top of chocolate icing.

Harmony is a roast pork with apple on the side.

Harmony is a bmx bike going up ramps at the skate park.

Harmony is a Headquarters fill of yummy food.

Harmony is a scary pair of p.js ready to go to bed.

Troy is piece of rainbow cake covered with caramel icing and red, green and blue M and Ms.

Troy is a shiny blue Lamborghini spy car with sparkly fire flames on the sides.

Troy is a far far away hotel with people meeting their families together.

Troy is a Weetbix Tryathalon T’shirt ready to go fast.